We suggest you consult a dietitian or sports nutritionist to ensure that you have a hydration and nutrition strategy prepared for your race.  To help, we will establish designated areas where your support crew can pass you drinks (and food if you are an Elite A grade rider) throughout the race.

We recommend that if you will be taking on drinks while riding for the first time, you consider practising with your handler prior to the race.


All competitors leaving the start village (except Elite A Grade) can take on drinks at the designated drinks station.  This is at Pilton Hall, approximately 48.5km from the start, 7.5km after the King / Queen of the Mountain.


Elite A Grade has two feed stations.

The first is approximately 2km after the Clifton turnoff (62km from start).

The second is 10km before Allora on Dalrymple Creek Road (approximately 132km from start).

There is no neutral feed, and no neutral water support. There is also no feeding from vehicles within the race convoy (the roads are simply too narrow to make this possible). 

As some of the roads are narrow and to avoid traffic congestion, it is requested that once riders have been fed at the first feed station that the handlers double back on to the New England Highway and proceed to Allora. Once you pass in to Allora, 2km from turning onto Allora Rd, turn right into Dalrymple Creek Road and travel for 10km to the second feed station.